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Mangosteen extract
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latin name:garcinia mangostana l plant part used:fruit rind (pericarp) active ingredient:alpha-mangostin appearance:fine light yellow powder odour & taste: characteristic solubility: soluble in ethanol cas no. :90045-25-3 molecular formula: c24h26o6 molecular mass: 410. 46 specification:10%-90% test method:hplc introduction:mangosteen rind contains tannins (polyphenols) and xanthones i. E. Alpha-, beta- and gamma-mangostins. Alpha-mangostin is a major component,which possess anti-inflammatory and antibacterial activities against methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, s. Epidermidis, and propionibacterium acne ,which is the critical eticologic agent in acne. It was also reported to inhibit alveolar duct formation in a mouse mammary organ culture model and to suppress the carcinogen induced formation of aberrant crypt foci in a short-term colon carcinogenesis model. In thailand, mangosteen fruit extract is popularly used as a food supplement while the fruit rind extract has been used in herbal cosmetics and pharmaceutical products main function:anti-aging;anti-cancer;anti-bacterial;support microbiological balance;help the immune system;improve joint flexibility;provide mental support;treat diarrhea;treat infections;treat tuberculosis. Mechanism:mangosteen is touted for its antioxidants, especially xanthones (a type of chemical in certain plants). Independent scientific research studies showed that mangosteen contains more than 40 xanthones (alpha-mangostin is a major component),- roughly 20% of about 200 xanthones found in nature. The mangosteen is the single, most abundant source of xanthones known to science. A number of these xanthones were demonstrated in scientific studies to be even more potent antioxidant than vitamins c and e, two of the most powerful antioxidants found in food. They were also shown in scientific and pharmacological studies to possess a variety of immune-system-boosting and healing properties.
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