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Carrot seed oil
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Carrot seed oil latin name: daucas carota var. Sativa. chinese name: hu luo bo zi you part used: seed extract method: supercritical carbon dioxide fluid physical state and appearance:oil,sweet, somewhat oily, musky color:light yellow main ingredients: carotene cas #: 8015-88-1 molecular formula: c40h56 molecular weight: 536. 88 refractive index at 20 degrees celsius :1. 4900 to 1. 5000 specific gravity at 20 degrees celsius : 0. 905 to 0. 9454 optical rotation : +15 degrees to +30 degrees acid no. : up to 4. flash point : 61 degrees celsius description : carrot seed oil is extracted from daucus carota from the apiaceae family . It is an annual or biennial herb with hairy leaves and umbels of white lacy flowers with purple centers. Carrot seed oil is an essential oil extract that is steam distilled from the seeds of the wild carrot plant (duacus carota), also known as queen anne? ? ? S lace. This herb has hairy leaves and lacy white flowers. The oil extract is usually yellow to amber in color and has a mildly sweet, yet earthy aroma. However, many people prefer to enhance this aroma by combining the oil with other fragrances like geranium, citrus, violet, and mimosa. Our carrot seed oil is extracted by supercritical carbon dioxide fluid. It is a new method of extraction using carbon dioxide gas which is kept under high pressure at a constant temperature. It have fresher, cleaner, and crisper aromas than steam-distilled essential oils, and they smell more similar to the living plants because high heat is not used. description of oil: generally, carrot seed yields a golden yellow or amber-colored to pale, orange-brown oil with a woody, root-like, earthy odor. The initial notes are sweet and fresh with a tenacious and lasting heavy, earthy, fatty, slightly spicy undertone. The smell is reminiscent of that associated with the edible orange root.
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